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About Chella

About Chella
In 2000, Chella Textiles founder, Lee Menichella, dared to ask the question:  Why can’t outdoor/high-performance fabrics look and feel as beautiful as the world’s finest fabrics?  Why are outdoor living spaces limited by such a poor selection of fabric choices?  He envisioned a world where beautiful fabrics could transform indoor and outdoor living, with more beauty and more durability than ever before imagined.

The Secret of Chella Fabrics
Chella’s quest to develop high-performance luxury fabrics starts with fabric engineering. Through research and development, Chella found the secret to creating stunning color that holds up to outdoor light and heavy wear. Chella combines 20th century weaving and yarn extrusion technologies with 21st century fabric finishing techniques. The result is state-of-the-art textiles that combine the look and feel of the finest interior fabric with the durability of a rugged outdoor awning canvas – and yet, with the luxurious hand that is the hallmark of Chella.  When you experience the richness of Chella fabrics, you will be astonished to learn that all of our fabrics carry a three-year guarantee against sun damage, fading & loss of loft.

Chella’s Solution-Dyed Yarns & the Fiber
Chella Textiles uses 100% solution-dyed yarns, the manufactured miracle fiber. Solution dyeing is a man-made, European process originally developed in the 1950s. The manufacturing of the fiber begins in a liquid state where color is added to the solution. The coloring process is computer generated for optimum precision. The liquid solution then travels through tubes and is extruded through spinnerets to be transformed from liquid into fiber. As a result, the color becomes an inherent property of the fiber before it is spun into yarn. This is why spilling a cup of bleach on a Chella fabric will not cause it to fade or discolor – the fabric is the color!

The Chella Spinning Process
The fiber is moved to a sealed yarn-spinning chamber where one single chamber is dedicated to a particular yarn color. Each chamber contains up to 100 filters to prevent color contamination of the yarns. The fiber is spun into yarn and filters are rigorously cleaned before a new color is introduced into the chamber.

The Chella Weaving Process
Chella Textiles is dedicated to producing luxury weaves such as jacquards, piques, tapestries, matelasse, ottomans, damasks and sheers. We use electronic jacquard looms to weave carefully designed patterns into uncommonly strong fabrics. By tightly integrating the yarns, we create a textured, luxury weave. The durability of Chella Textiles is achieved through the combination of the high tensile strength of the solution-dyed yarn filaments combined with the careful jacquard woven structures, perfect for residential and commercial applications. If greater durability is required, Chella has developed a technique to enhance abrasion scores as measured by the Wyzenbeck test method. (For details on industry standard durability requirements, click here.)

The Chella Finishing Process  — Unsurpassed!
The unsurpassed soft, supple hand of Chella Textiles begins with the unique weaving techniques, but it is the finishing that differentiates Chella from other manufacturers. Chella fabrics are taken from the looms and specially softened with a process that gives them a luxuriously fine hand. The cloth is placed on a frame and smoothed to a beautiful wrinkle-free texture that it will retain. Up to now, this process has always been associated with fine interior textiles, never before with outdoor fabrics. Chella’s performance features are sure to delight designers and their clients. Exterior as well as interior areas can be luxurious and comfortable using our elegantly durable fabrics that are practical, easy-care, and machine washable. Chella fabrics pass all upholstery codes for FR (NFPA 260, UFAC Class 1, Cal Bulletin 117) and can be treated to pass NFPA 701 Small Scale, IMO and other international fire codes as required.

Chella Luxury Performance Textiles — Beautiful Anywhere!
The manufacturing of Chella’s unique fabric is exceptionally technical and rigorous; however, the result is extraordinary. Seasoned design professionals continue to marvel at Chella’s blend of beauty and durability and have urged us to continue with our innovations. As our collection continues to evolve, our upholsteries have been complemented with solution-dyed sheers whose weft yarns mimic the structure of fine linen sheers to increasingly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living areas, making those spaces more appealing for today’s lifestyles.

To truly appreciate the luxurious feel of these materials, please visit our design showrooms or e-mail us at to order samples.

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